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Essential Buying Guide For Sod

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If you are looking to having a lush lawn in your home, you can consider going for the best quality. However, you can face a bug challenge picking the right one as they are many types brands as they are vendors in the market. By carefully considering more info. about sod that listed in this article you will be better placed to arrive at a decision that you will be delighted with.

Before purchasing sod, it is highly recommended that you make confirmation as to whether soil has been rolled on the outer side. This is essential as you may not have immediate plans to do the planting and the grass need to be protected. You should keep away from sold whose grass has been rolled on the outside.

An important that you need to consider carefully when you are making the buying decision for the sod is its thickness. The way that you will know that you are making purchase of a high-quality product is if it is thickness is at least 1 inch. Why this essential is because it gives you the assurance that it will result in root system that will be highly established. Make sure that the underside contains roots that are thick and which cut across the entire space.

You need to look at the color of the sod to gauge its quality and durability. Do not buy the sod that are brown and yellow as you can be sure that they will not have a high survival rate that will enable it to take root properly. Instead choose uniformly colored blades that reach at least 2 inches.

In choosing the best sod you must make sure that they are not infested with insects or the ones that have weeds. This is important as the weeds have the ability to spread across your whole compound while the insects will ruin the sod prior to it taking root.

The sod that you are planning to buy must have been watered on a regular. The way that you can establish if this is the case is to run your hand on the underside. A healthy one will be moist and it will give you the guarantee that will take root more quickly and effectively.

If you want to be assured that you are buying superior quality sod, it is advisable to source it from Sod Depot of Tampa Bay. Preferably go for the vendor that has a long existence in the business as they have the long experience expertise that will enable them offer you unparalleled solution. To learn much more about sod visit: